A qualified colonic hydrotherapist based south London in Tooting, offering colonic hydrotherapy also know as colonic irrigation.


Best money I have spent on my body this year, will definitely make it a regular routine. Nathalie S

Angel of Water

Is an Open System that has a treatment table built in the basin that is plumbed directly to the sewer system.


The water is introduced to the colon through the rectum, using a thin plastic nozzle, as big as a pencil, which is either self-inserted or inserted by the therapist.

Natural elimination

The water can be regulated just like in the Closed System. The Open System encourages natural elimination of the water and wastes as one will be engaged in a reclined position.

Being flushed

An illuminated glass viewing tube enables viewing of the eliminated wastes, being flushed into the sewer system.

With great simplicity, safety, efficacy and dignity.

The Angel of Water is the world’s preferred colonic hydrotherapy system for hospitals and medical clinics. Its thoughtful design, ease of use, efficacy and safety make it ideal for colonoscopy or surgery preparation


The Angel of Water Colonic Irrigation

The Angel of Water Surround ® Colon Hydrotherapy System is a very simple, safe, comfortable, and hygienic way to irrigate the colon for endoscopic, radiological, or other medical purposes. The following sequence of events briefly describes the colon irrigation procedure


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